One Chance for Glory


The Authors

Edward (Ted) Heikell and Robert (Bob) Heikell are brothers born in Yakima, Washington and raised in Wapato, Washington, about 70 miles south west of the town of Wenatchee. Ted was born in 1938, graduated from Wapato High School and later from the University of Washington with a Bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Bob was the oldest of five Heikell children and was born in 1933, graduated from the Wapato High School and then went on to obtain his Education Degrees at the Central Washington College of Education in Ellensburg, Washington.

Both were involved in the aviation field their entire lives, being private flyers and working in the aeronautical business for their livelihood. It was because they were located in the area where most of this history took place, they knew of the Pacific Crossing event, researched the details and decided that something had to be done to bring this hero, Clyde Pangborn, to the forefront. This book was written with this in mind.